Okay, here we go, again!


Hi, and welcome! It’s been well over a year since my last confession… err, blog post.

It boggles my mind to even share this, but I have actually been blogging for over 20 years… Yes, you read that right. Two years ago, I decided to put my very lengthy archives of my previous blog site behind lock and key as I’d changed jobs, and really didn’t feel comfortable letting it all hang out anymore, so to speak.

So – what am I, and probably others, going to be oversharing on this site? You name it… anything related to our crazy lives, except… work. This will be a strictly a personal blog. You’ll probably find updates on our adventures exploring places all over the world, and most certainly my trials and tribulations about health and weight, and of course, you’ll hear plenty about our local adventures, too!

Quite honestly, I’m not even sure how I’ll be attracting readership at the moment. This is more of a guilty pleasure right now… so, sit back, enjoy, and feel free to OVERSHARE with me in the comments! I love dialogue!

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Blogging my adventures for over 20 years, I’m originally from beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, and now call the great white North, Edmonton, Alberta home. I've been married to my ever-entertaining husband, Barry since 2010.

I’ve recently become passionate again about nutrition and I’m a firm believer in low-carb living. I’m also an avid traveler, and my favorite form of travel is cruising!

Please do comment! I love meeting new people!


  • Hi – welcome back to blogging. I’m trying to get back to it myself. I keep saying I’m going to do it, and then, whammo, life happens and I forget for months. Aw well, I’ll hope you can keep me entertained. Thanks for posting on my blog the other day!

    • Hi Kath!
      Great to see you over here… thanks for popping by! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!
      Don’t worry about the delays in posts – I get notified when you do update! Have an awesome day!

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Welcome to OVERsharing.net! We’re delighted to have you here! We’re Canadian personal bloggers located in Edmonton, Alberta!
Tanya and Barry (the primary authors) are avid cruisers, and have traveled the world extensively!
Check back regularly for new blog posts – we’ll be posting often! Thanks for visiting!

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