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Update on the Egg Fast idea, down five!


Thanks for stopping by! I’m blogging this evening to give an update on my kick-start to the Ketogenic Diet (LCHF) – I’ve decided to hold off on the Egg Fast as my previous post mentioned, as I’m already in ketosis as of this morning, and I’ve decided it’s hard enough switching gears without making it unnecessarily annoying. Afterall, I really dislike eggs. Oh, did I forget to mention that in my last post? Yes, I will eventually have to do an Egg Fast or Fat Fast to correct a stall, but as my body was quick into ketosis, there’s just no need to go...

Ketogenic Diet – LCHF – Getting back to it!


Confession time. My weight is ridiculous. I’m so pissed at myself!!!! Back in 2015, I was finally successful in getting very close to my ideal weight goal of 155 lbs. – I stopped short of my goal by about 10 pounds. CRAP! Why?! [place expletive here]. I’d just had enough of it all, and started telling myself that I didn’t mind being a few pounds heavier. So, after cramming my closet with all those wonderfully fitting size 6 and 8 clothes, I tanked it. And, quickly. Sabotage, anyone? I’m not 165 lbs. anymore. No, I’m back to where I started, only a few pounds higher. Awesome! I’m now at...

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