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The momentum is building! Keto results: 9 lbs down!


Good morning kind readers! I thought I’d do a really quick update this morning to share… I’M DOWN 9 POUNDS in 9 days! That makes me so very happy! This includes some bobbing up and down due to some inflammation in the early few days – but I read that this is pretty normal. I honestly can’t remember from my last experience with LCHF / Keto if I had this. Again, I shouldn’t be weighing myself every day. And, I should have taken body measurements, but I haven’t found a tape measure online, and as I’ve been super sick recently, (chronic bronchitis… how fun!) I haven’t really...

Keto / LCHF and alcohol – a great resource!


Just because I’m back to low carb, doesn’t mean I shut off my social life, or turn down having a few drinks with friends! I wanted to update my knowledge beyond my “experience” with my Ketogenic lifestyle in the past – I’ve typically completely avoided any alcoholic drinks because I believed they stalled my weight loss – and I wanted to make sure I had the right information. Turns out, this statement is not exactly true… Yes, avoiding beer and cider is probably a great idea (I don’t drink much of that anyhow), dry red wine, which is what I typically drink, is actually low...

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